Monday, December 27, 2010

I found a great new way to store all my Cricut cartridges. Thanks to the Gypsy I rarely need to pull out the cartridges, although I do still use the manuals (until I get all the PDFs downloaded).

I found these great jewelry holders at Michaels for only $18 (this week they are on sale for less than $11). They come in both pink and black, which are pretty colors for me. There are 7 rows and you can but between 6 and 9 carts per row. I have put 6 rows of 7, and 8 in the 7th row for a total of 50 carts per hanger. Right now I only need 3 of the hangers for the 140+ carts, but I bought extra hangers since I know I am no where near done collecting cartridges.

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